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UPCOMING AUDIO, with submission dates, just for your info ;)

2016-04-18 17:02:01 by Paradox345

Hey guys, It's PARADOX345, with a music update.

First of all, I am trying another music program which is developed for the Rasberry Pi but also available on Windows & Mac. The program is called Sonic Pi, but every time i open it, i get this:

RUBY.exe- Entry Point Not Found

"The procedure entry point _gmtime64_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll."

If anybody knows how to fix this (other than getting a Rasberry Pi,) could you comment to me? i am excited and want to try it! :D

And now, the important stuff. 

Currently I am working on many Audio projects (Asterik means i took inspiration from other songs and tried to "credit" them in the title):

-Chastep V2
-C-Locked*, which is done, but there is a problem making it an MP3 file :'(
-ChristmaStep (Will be released this december for the holidays)
-Theory of Life*
And have many others in mind:
-Geometry Dash Song mix
-Cubid's Day (Valentines 2017, hopefully)
-Night of Spirits (Halloween 2016, hopefully)
-Quiet Glory v2

And many, many, more...

So yeah, just wanted to give you an update on what i'm working on.




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